Getting Started. Which Workouts Are Best?

16 12 2011

I have been in shape before, but it has been so long ago that I do not really remember what it feels like.  I was just out of high school, and enlisted in the Navy the last time I remember truly being in shape, but that was 20 years ago now.  After watching numerous episodes of The Biggest Loser I am led to believe that being in shape is leaps and bounds better than where I am now.  The real question is, Where do I start?

I decided to do some research into the different methods of losing weight and getting into great shape, and the first thing I have learned is that diet is as important as exercise (if not more so).  I always simply worked out enough to cover the difference when I was younger, and then at some point I quit moving as much, and the weight began to creep on.  It took years to get it on, but if it is up to me it will take about 9 months to get it back off.  I will cover my diet in a later post though, because right now I’m focused on which exercises I will be doing to take off all of this excess fat.

When I was in my late 20’s I ran a few triathlons, and the training for those helped me to lose 20 pounds relatively quickly.  I don’t know that I am in good enough shape right now to start triathlon training, however.  I am going to walk/run, and over the next couple of months I would like to try getting back on my bike, but I think I need something more to start with.

My workouts are going to consist of cardio of some sort 5-6 days per week, and strength training 3-4 days per week.  There are several sites I will be using to create my workouts, and here are a few of them: — I have purchased a copy of P90X, although I don’t think I have been beyond P30X to be completely honest. — This is a great site for various workouts that are quick (usually 20-30 minutes) and fun.

WebMD — I was looking for the most effective use of my time, and why not go to the experts.  WebMD is generally pretty good for having solid information in regards to health.

I will also be using for change from time to time.  I really like a few of the High Intensity Training or HIT videos that I have seen.

I will try to post most of my workouts daily, and I will begin to add my diet as well over the next couple of days so that everyone can see what it takes to go from 278 pounds to 178 pounds over the course of 9 months.  Hopefully I will inspire a few other folks to do the same.

Wish me luck!




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