The “Not Nearly Toughest” Mudder.

16 12 2011
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A couple of days ago my brother and a friend asked if I would like to compete in a Tough Mudder race.  I am always interested in trying new things, and I have completed several triathlons in the past (The very distant past).  I guess I decided to create this blog to follow my exploits on my way to “game day”.  I am currently 278 pounds and about 9 months away from race day.  My first goal is going to be to simply survive this race, which should be easy to do assuming I am able to reach the many smaller goals I will be setting en route.

I would like to get my weight under 200 lbs before the race, and get back into running shape.  This race is 11 miles, and with that in mind I need to be able to run a half marathon just to complete the distance.  I will also need to create something I do not currently have, muscle tone.  My strategy is to use a mix of P90X, Crossfit, Triathlon Training, and anything else that I find to be helpful.

I invite all of my friends to follow along on my road to September 15th.




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16 12 2011
Matt Abele

Hey Cliff,

Here is some good news for you. You don’t actually have to run 12 miles at a time in training. Really, if you build up to 7-8 miles, you should be good to go for the event. Here is how you will want to start.

1) Get barefoot shoes (Vibram Trek Sport is my preference, or Skeletoes)
2) Wear them as much as possible for 2 weeks…but don’t run in them yet. When you run, use regular tennis shoes during this time period.
3) Begin by jogging at a slow pace for about .5 miles the first week, every other day (3 to 4 days a week). BE SURE to run on the balls of your feet, not on the heels. You will have to “retrain” yourself to avoid heel striking. WARNING: Your calves will be extremely sore when you do this…but don’t let that keep you from running. It will actually loosen up those muscles when you run in them.
4) Each week, increase your distance by .25 to .5 miles until you are running 2-3 miles at a time. By this time you should have built up your feet so that running isn’t as taxing on your muscles, bones, tendons, etc.

I’ll post more later…but once you complete these 4 steps, you’ll be ready to begin endurance and ventilary threshold improvement training. It is actually a lot more tolerable than you think.

Remember that your body is a machine…give it the proper fuel and it will perform well.

18 12 2011
The Show-Me Cajun


I am definitely going to get some of the Vibrams Five Fingers in the future. Right now I think I need to build my aerobic base back up first, and at my weight the added cushioning might actually be helpful. I am going to concentrate on running on the balls of my feet, and hopefully once I take off a few more pounds I will be able to make a smoother transition to the barefoot shoes. What do you think?

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