Not Quite a Runner Yet.

16 12 2011

While I just created this blog yesterday, I had already started working out.  I am pretty darn sore today from the first 3 days of my “program” to get in better shape.  I decided to try to walk/run on the treadmill today just to see how it would feel.  I purposely kept it pretty easy just to make sure I was able to get through it and start to create an aerobic base of some type.

I did 30 minutes on the treadmill at a Run 1 minute/walk 4 minutes interval, and it was pretty easy to finish, but my legs are already sore.  I finished my walk/run, then did a chest and back workout.  I finished up today with a few basketball drills just to get a few more calories down.  I usually play a couple of sports per week (currently basketball, volleyball, and tennis).  I have resorted to making sure I have days in between sports, because my legs are just toast after a couple of hours of work.  I’m really hoping that this program will change that pretty quickly.

Maybe I can get my son back to the gym later for a little basketball shoot around just to keep my body moving.  Too much time in my computer chair certainly can’t be good for progress.

Anyway, I guess that’s 4 days down, and nearly 9 months to go.




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