So I Learned a Couple of Lessons Today

18 12 2011

Today I learned that if you don’t feed your body with the right fuel, it will not respond the way you want it to when you try to push it.  I also learned that I am a much better doubles tennis player than I am a singles tennis player.

The first lesson has been getting me pretty much all weekend as I have been sore from starting my new workout routine, and I have been pretty tired also from a lack of good food in my system.  The second lesson I learned to the tune of a 6-1, 6-0 throttling in my match today.  Our team had already won the league so it wasn’t the most important match ever, but wow did I get my butt handed to me.

I never have a problem getting beaten, as long as I learn something from the defeat.  Today, I think I learned from both of my beatings.  I learned that now that I’m nearly 40 my body needs the proper nutrition to function the way I want it to when I’m pushing it, so I will be getting more fruits and veggies in my diet every day.  I am also going to strive to take in enough water to keep my body working properly.  The other lesson I learned today was that you can’t become a tennis pro in 3 months time.  I am going to move back to playing doubles, and I am going to quit trying to win every point from the baseline when I simply don’t have the shots in my arsenal.

I think I will be fine in the future, but its time to play things a bit smarter on the court and in the kitchen.




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19 12 2011

Great points Cliff. I think a lot of people, even those that exercise regularly, don’t understand the effect poor nutrition has on athletic performance, or even how you feel throughout the day. If I over-eat at dinner, and then cram down some ice cream after, the next day on my run I absolutely feel the effects of it. I usually feel sluggish, or worn down when running even an average pace.

On the other hand, you have to eat the right combination of things for the activity you are doing. When I was doing p90x, I increased my protein intake dramatically and decreased my carbs. That was great for fat burning and strength increase, but I still was doing my usual cardio workouts (running, cycling) and many times I would feel worn down during cardio because I didn’t have enough fuel from carbs.

And don’t forget, you are starting a new training program, and especially if you are sore from that, you won’t be performing at your top level in other areas, such as tennis. Good luck to you, and keep it up!

19 12 2011
The Show-Me Cajun


The first thing my wife told me after I said I took a beating on the court was how tired I looked before I left for the match. I certainly wasn’t eating well enough over the last week, but on top of that I was worn out from getting back at it. Hopefully, I will begin to see improvements on the court as I lose weight, and improve my shape. I’m sure I will. Thanks a bunch for the input!

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