The Soreness Returns

18 12 2011

I have a tennis match in about 2 hours, and I am remembering what it is like when you return to strength training after a layoff. WOW! I am pretty darn sore today. I am going to take some Motrin, drink a big bottle of water, and hope things work out for the best with tennis today.

I know I have to start feeding my body the right types of foods if I plan on pushing myself daily the way I want to, and so later today or tomorrow I am going to really do some research on diet. I need to put something together that I can use daily that is fairly easy, but with food that I enjoy so that I can stick to it for the long term. I don’t want to completely change the way I eat, but rather to make adjustments that I can live with that will help me to get stronger while losing weight.

One thing I read on WebMD that I really liked was to start by making sure you get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables first, because by simply doing that you will take in fewer calories while being comfortable with the amount of food your taking in. It also helps with fiber intake as well as other vitamins and minerals and such. I am going to force myself to eat more small meals per day, while taking in additional fruits and veggies first. I know I’m not getting my daily needs on those 2 things at this point in time. I am also going to stop drinking all soda.

I hope my tennis game goes well, and the soreness goes away. My next move is going to be my diet. My first “official” weigh in is going to be tomorrow. I guess this time I really will be starting my diet and exercise plan on Monday!




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