I feel good. Plain and simple.

23 12 2011

It’s really nice to wake up thankful for the things that you have, and to simply feel better about the direction you are heading.  My meeting yesterday was less than useful, because it was just the admissions adviser and she was already on Christmas break in her head.  I have asked from my transcripts to be sent over though, and I will be meeting with a program adviser sometime between now and the 13th of January.  I will be starting classes on the 23rd of January.  It’s pretty cool to be finally going after exactly what I want.

I haven’t been eating as well as I should with the holidays, and old habits hitting me in the face every day.  I am eating better than I used to, but that won’t get me to my goal.  Monday is going to be the beginning of my diet and P90X day 1.  I am going to continue to walk/bike every day to build up that endurance, but P90X will help me to ramp up the weight loss while adding some muscle to my body.  I have been reading as much as I can find on the subject, and the biggest difference I think I need to make is adding enough fruits and vegetables to my diet.  I need nutrient rich foods, and I eat way to much processed crap that does nothing for me.  I have clearly been doing a little better though, because I do feel better than I have felt in a long time.

Well, its off to the gym to get in my walking and biking for the day.  9 months are going to fly by as they always do, but this time I have been, and will be consistent in my workouts which will get me to the event in good shape.  I can’t wait to see how I feel once I’m down under 250, and then 225, and hopefully 200.  It’s pretty cool to KNOW you are going to follow though for once.  …as the title suggests, I feel good.  Plain and simple.




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