P90X day 1 – Chest and Back is a Beast!

27 12 2011

I was pretty tired after tennis yesterday, and with that said I didn’t get to start P90X yesterday.  I did Chest and Back today, and I am definitely going to be feeling this one tomorrow.  I was considering doing Plyo X today as well, but there is no way I can do both workouts in the same day.  I am either going to skip my off day this week, or just push back the entire schedule a day.  I am committed to completing all 90 days this time, and probably doing a second round at that point.

I did weigh myself today, and I was at 279 lbs.  I am down 2 pounds over the last week, which is a big victory with Christmas at the end of last week.  I certainly didn’t eat as well as I planned, but I will take 2 pounds every week with a smile.  I can’t wait to see how my weight changes over the next month with a round of P90X in the books.  The last time I completed the first 90 days of this program, I lost 20 pounds with little change to my diet.

Tomorrow I have Plyo X scheduled, and I also plan to play tennis with a friend.  If my legs are up to the task it should be a major calorie burn day.  I will need to make sure I have a solid breakfast, and take in enough calories to keep my energy up.  I will start to keep a food journal over the next couple of weeks, because I need to make sure I am making the right changes.  I have been a fast food junkie for the better part of the last 20 years, and its tough to change those habits, but I am committing to do just that for myself and my family.

I guess at this point its time to just keep pressing play!




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