Workout Completed!

29 12 2011

I had a great workout today.  I did Shoulders and Arms, and then Ab Ripper X.  I completed the entire workout, but its going to be a while before I can complete Ab Ripper X.  Tomorrow is Yoga X, and that’s another workout that will take a while before I complete the entire DVD.  Yoga X for anyone that doesn’t know is approximately an hour and a half long, and I will be dripping after the first half hour.

United States Tennis Association

My USTA league starts next Sunday!

I am also going to play tennis again tomorrow for a couple of hours, because the new USTA season is just around the corner.  I am hoping to get my first singles win, and I am definitely going to add to my record in doubles.  I will probably be moving for the better part of the day, because I also promised my son to take him to the park for some disc golf.  He got a few discs from Santa, and he is very excited to get out there and throw them for the first time.

My diet is still under construction, so to speak.  Today I started off with a couple of PB&J sandwiches, and had a Naked Taco Salad from Qdoba for lunch.  For dinner I made Turnkey Chili which was really good, but I had 2 bowls with crackers as well.  My diet is certainly better than it used to be, but I still have a long way to go.  The only veggies I had today were in my taco salad, and that was probably only 3 servings or so.  I need 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables and I am not getting close to that.  I have been drinking more water though.

I guess I will be sore for the next week or so but I really don’t mind, because I know it means I have been working my body really well.  I can’t wait for all of the fun that’s coming tomorrow, and its nice to know that its just one more day on the way to a much fitter Cliff.




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