P90X Day 3 – Welcome to the gun show!

29 12 2011

Today is day 3 for P90X, which is Shoulders and Arms.

P90X Shoulders and Arms

Welcome to the Gun Show!

I am one of the few guys that doesn’t look forward to upper body workouts.  I have always had strong legs, but never really had the guns to show off.  I grew up really skinny, and I was happy to not be the guy lifting just the bar.  I remember the day when I was able to put up 135 on the bench, because it meant I finally had a 45 lb plate on both sides of the bar.  When it came to my arms I felt like the blind date that nobody wanted to experience.  You know the one when you ask your friend if she’s hot, and they say “She has a great personality.”  My arms have always had that same “great personality.”

After watching P90X infomercials, I have come to realize that consistent work on the “guns” could make all of that change.  I am no longer a kid and it really doesn’t matter anymore if I have guns or not, but it still would be nice to have people notice me for my physique rather than my personality.  I know we are supposed to be politically correct, and care about what’s underneath, but once in a while it would be nice to have that little ego boost.  In all fairness, I guess my arms were bigger than average after Navy boot camp, but I started putting on weight not long after that.  I was skinny growing up, and fat most of my adult life.  I am happily married to an amazing woman and we have 3 beautiful kids, and I have absolutely no desire to change that, but it would be nice to have women look at me “that way” again if for nothing more than to stroke my ego.

With all of that said, SORENESS has definitely set in from Chest and Back (time to hydrate), and I doubt I’ll be able to really push my workout today.  I’m sure I won’t be getting visible results to my arms for at least a few weeks, but its nice to know that I am finally doing something about it.  While it may be a bit juvenile, I think our past will always stay with us.  I have finally decided that instead of complaining about the things I don’t like (or didn’t) about myself, I am finally making that change.  I guess everyone needs to buy their tickets, because in 90 days I’ll be showing off those guns proudly.

It’s going to be fun to flex with a smile and say, “Welcome to the gun show!”




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