New Year’s Resolution #1 – Blogging Consistently

2 01 2012

My first priority this year is going to be continuing my blog.

I am resolving to blog 5x per week for the next 52 weeks.  The reason I am listing this as my top priority for the New Year is that blogging has allowed me to concentrate more on my goals over the last 2 weeks than anything has over the last 40 years.

I make it through far more workouts, because I don’t want to blog that I missed a workout.
I eat better, because I don’t want to blog that I stopped for fast food.
I have prepared all of my documentation for my Exercise Science program, because I blogged that I am finishing my degree.

As long as I blog consistently for the next 52 weeks, I will accomplish more than I have in any other year to date.

I plan to accomplish this by setting up a detailed schedule with time set aside for researching ideas, improving the appearance of my blog, and publishing blog posts every week.  I plan to write something worth posting every day (in my mind anyway).  I have never really been a detailed person, but with all of the goals I resolve to accomplish this year I will need a schedule to keep me on task.  I feel that by scheduling all of my activities, I will be able to accomplish all of my resolutions and then some.

Over the course of the next 7 days I plan to provide many links to the sites I am using for research.  Here are the blog posts and/or links that I used for today:




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2 01 2012

Keep it up! I’ll be checking in

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