New Year’s Resolutions #4 and #5 – Complete a 1/2 marathon and complete Tough Mudder

6 01 2012

I know these 2 go hand in hand with my weight loss resolution, but they are separate goals that I have wanted to accomplish for quite some time.  I will also be training to complete a sprint triathlon this year as well, but since I have done that before, I don’t feel it needs to be set aside as a resolution.

I resolve to put forth the effort necessary to train for and complete both of these goals over the course of 2012.  I have been a runner in the past, but I have never had the consistency required to undertake races longer than 5 miles.  At 277 pounds, this will prove to be a significant task.

I want to complete these 2 events for a few different reasons.  I know in my heart that I have the discipline to train for this type of event, but I have simply not shown it over the last several years and I need to prove it to myself.  I want to be in better shape, and this will obviously go a long way in getting me into great shape.  Finally, I want my wife to look at me the way she did when we met, and I was in top physical shape.  I was fresh out of boot camp at the time, and I was in the best shape of my life.  I want to be the husband I was when we  got married.

There are so many places to go for training advice when it comes to road races, but not quite as many for Tough Mudder.  I will use my triathlon training to get me ready for the 1/2 marathon, and P90X should have me well prepared for Tough Mudder.  Here are a few sites that I will be using frequently during my journey:

Runner’s World: Running Shoes, Marathon Training, Racing. – Triathlon Training for Beginners.

Tough Mudder – Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet.

P90X Workout – P90X Workout Review – P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program –

Over the course of the last week, I have been more sedentary than I was the previous couple of weeks.  I think this is partially due to the fact that I have been working on getting my goals in place, rather than accomplishing them.  The other part of this is that my kids have just started back to school, and I haven’t gotten back into my routine.  I need to learn how to get around these things, and not let off just because things change.

I will be starting my Exercise Science program (which may end up being a Masters of Arts in Teaching program) in the near future, and I can’t let that keep me from completing my specific goals.  I think it will actually help since the curriculum will be complementary to my training program, but I don’t want to lose sight of my resolutions.

I will get my last 2 resolutions down over the weekend, and Monday will be a new start.  I guess my resolutions have pushed my actual pursuit back a week, but at least this way 1/2 of the new gym rats will already be done with their new found “love” of working out.  Ok, maybe they will be around for a little while longer.  I do hope that most people set goals that are tough, but achievable, and do the work necessary to get there.




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7 01 2012

Good luck. Get your weight down on the bike, it’s easier on you in the long run and you can shed some serious pounds fast (I did) and if you work hard enough it’ll get your cardio shaped up easier than running will. Mix in a couple of runs a week, and if you don’t know how to fit it all in, I’ve got 10 posts that will help (I’ve got a couple of little ones too). A half marathon is a lot of work, but I’ve got a buddy who is in your weight class that does them quite frequently. You can do it, just keep pushing and don’t take your eye off the prize when the going gets tough (and it will).

7 01 2012
The Show-Me Cajun

I’m fairly certain I will not be running the half at my current weight. I would hope to be under 250, and maybe even under 225. When I was in the military, I was able to run 7 minute miles at about 210 (for a few miles). I would be more than happy running 8-9 minute miles at 225 or so. I will check out your posts also. I’m always looking for good blogs to read for motivation and such.

8 01 2012
Kelly S.

Sounds like some great goals! We’re hosting a weekend in May that will have a sprint triathlon, olympic triathlon and tough mudder-like challenge event all in one weekend, plus live music and great people to connect to. Check it out if you feel like getting some SoCal sun in May while hitting some milestones on the way to your goal!

If you make it fun, you’ll stick with it!

9 01 2012
The Show-Me Cajun

I would love to be able to head out to SoCal for a few events. My wife and I actually lived in NoCal for a few years, but its been nearly 20 years ago now. Good luck with the events, and thanks for the vote of confidence. I really do enjoy working out, and I know what you mean about making it fun. It’s really a mystery to me why I let myself get out of shape, because I’m one of the people who actually enjoys working out. I can’t wait to get back into running and triathlon.

12 01 2012

Good luck with your goals! Looks like we’ll be having a similar 2012, although mine will be significantly colder, darker and rainier over here in Scotland! My first half marathon is in March and the Tough Mudder here is in July. 🙂

12 01 2012
The Show-Me Cajun

Thanks for the encouragement, and good luck with your goals as well!

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