Why are they torturing me? – Geaux Tigers!

9 01 2012

I grew up watching LSU football with friends and relatives, and it was a really nice life.  LSU would beat Tulane after a 6-6 season, and everyone would be happy.  We would go to Garyville, LA and watch the wheelbarrow parade.  The alumni from the losing team would push around the alumni from the winning team in wheelbarrows, and all of the adults would get drunk and have a great time.  It was more fun when you were in the wheelbarrow, but it was a good time for all.  The best part of the season is that we had NO SHOT at the national title, and we were content with that as long as we beat Tulane.

Old obsolete image of LSU logo used in 1950s a...


Lately the Tigers are simply not complying with the good old days.  LSU is number one in the country, and playing Alabama for the national title, and I’m a nervous wreck.  The teams are about as evenly matched as possible, and probably more so than any other two teams in the history of the title game.  The line is something like Bama favored by 2.  To be honest, I think a 2 point favorite is a bit of a stretch for either team.  Many Oklahoma State fans will tell you that they should be playing LSU, and while I can’t truly discount what they say, the truth is that LSU and Alabama were 2 teams playing well above the level of everyone else in the college game (Sorry Cowboys).

I am going to make Jambalaya for my wife and the kids, and we’ll all sit back and watch the game.  That sounds really nice, doesn’t it?  The only problem is that I’ll be screaming and yelling at the TV, and I won’t be able to relax until LSU has a 4 TD lead (extremely unlikely at any point) or until the game is over.  If LSU wins every LSU fan in New Orleans will flood the French Quarter, and the partying will go into the wee hours of the morning.  If LSU loses most LSU fans in New Orleans will flood the French Quarter, and the partying will go into the wee hours of the morning.  What can I say, we are a partying bunch.  The atmosphere will be much brighter with a win, but we know how to party, but I digress.

Block LSU logo, a primary trademark of Louisia...

13-0 and 1 to geaux

Tomorrow will bring a new day one way or the other, but please don’t let it rain crimson and white.  Bama fans are about as obnoxious a group as you would ever meet.  There are some extremely nice people from Alabama, but today I think they are all Auburn fans.  With that being said, 95% of all Auburn fans will be hoping for a Tiger victory today and we welcome them to the fan base, even if only for a day.  It’s funny how people can get when it comes to football, and again I blame the Tigers.  If we were 6-6 I could watch this game at home with no concerns, but instead I will be tense for the next 5-6 hours.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice problem to have.  I won’t be any happier if/when my Tigers are back to being a .500 team, but the games will certainly be easier on the nerves.





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12 01 2012

The game is past now and I watched it with lots of Bama fans. I am Auburn. I bleed orange and blue. As much as I dislike the Crimson Tide, I have to say that the majority of Bama fans are NOT obnoxious jerks, any more than the majority of any SEC fans. we love college football and I love the rivalries.

12 01 2012
The Show-Me Cajun

I know many very nice people from Alabama. It was nearly game time, and I was saying it more to mess with my Bama friends than anything. I guess the joke was on me this time. The sad part is that we split the season series, but they won the one that counted. It would have been nice if the LSU offense had at least shown up. I always like to give credit where credit is due, and Bama’s Defense is amazing but even they aren’t THAT good. That was a brutal game to watch!

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