Resolutions Recap and Moving Forward

11 01 2012

It’s so easy to get sidetracked when you are thinking about a number of different topics.  I realized yesterday that it had been 3 days since I had last worked out.  I am done setting up my resolutions, and ready to get moving with achieving my goals.  I have to make sure my schedule is in place so that I don’t just go back to my old ways.  Today is about getting that schedule in place so that I am not wasting my free time.

I have been going back and forth on my degree program for some time, and I have decided to change course to what I feel is a better direction.  I am interested in Exercise Science as a major, but what I really want to do is teach and coach at the high school level.  I have decided to pursue my Masters of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis in Mathematics.  I have been told by many teachers that I would not have any problems finding a job if I were teaching Math (and Math happens to be my favorite subject anyway).  I honestly don’t care which sports I am coaching, although I am partial to football and baseball.  I would be more than happy coaching boys or girls sports.  I was originally wanting my Exercise Science degree, because it was specifically about body movement.  This degree would do wonders for my coaching abilities, but wouldn’t really help with actually becoming a teacher due to the lack of teaching jobs in Physical Education right now.

With that said, my resolutions will not change in regards to education, but rather my direction.  Just to recap my goals, I resolve to do all of the following:

  • Blog Consistently
  • Lose 80 pounds
  • Create a budget for my finances
  • Complete a 1/2 marathon
  • Complete a Tough Mudder
  • Maintain a 4.0 GPA
  • Read 1 new book per month (already 1/2 month behind on this one)

I feel that these resolutions are all very attainable with the right scheduling and dedication, and that is what I am preparing to do now.  Scheduling is not something I am very good at doing.  I generally get up and create a to do list for the day, and I think that has helped me to accomplish more than I did before.  I need to be more disciplined in regards to specific tasks, and when it comes to my free time, and that’s where scheduling will come in to play.  I plan to get more detailed as I learn how things will work best, but for now I will give a simple example of when/how I will be able to work towards my resolutions.

In order to lose 80 pounds and complete my 1/2 marathon and Tough Mudder, I plan to walk/jog 5x per week in the morning.  My routine usually has me waking up at about 6 AM, so I will be waking up at 5AM in order to get in this extra workout.  I have been going to bed at night between 11 and 12, and I have realized that most of my time after 10 PM has been spent sitting in front of the computer anyway.  I am going to get in bed at 10 PM every night to allow for a good nights rest so that I am able to get up and moving at 5 AM.

My blogging and reading will be taking place each night between 8 and 10 PM.  I generally hang out with my family and watch TV during this time, and I hope to get my kids involved in reading at this time as well (that one may prove toughest of all).  All of my kids enjoy reading, which is very nice, but I don’t think they want to be told when to do it.  By setting aside 2 hours each night, I will have plenty of time to devote to reading, researching, and blogging.  I am leaving 2 hours so that I can use this time for extra study if needed for school or helping the kids with their homework as well.

I was basically able to knock out 5 of my 7 resolutions with those 2 time frames, and now I just have to figure out my remaining 2 (maintaining a 4.0 GPA and setting up a budget).  Setting up a budget is really a simple matter that I have been too lazy to take care of.  I can get this done fairly quickly over the course of the next week or 2, and I think it will really help with overspending.  I think by learning where and when we spend our money, it will leave room for paying down some debt and still enjoying movies and dinner occasionally.  My studies will actually be easier to manage, because I will be going back to school full time, and I will use the time during the day when I am not in class to get my studying done.  I plan to not leave campus each day until I have completed all assignments, and I plan to get ahead early and stay ahead.

This is really just a basic recap and schedule, but I need a frame work to get started with and I think it will work.  I plan to get back to my usual posts about my daily workouts and training over the next couple of days.  Its time to get moving and really make this my best year is a long time.  I do have several other goals to work on regarding my family and my spirituality, but those are going to be much more fluid concepts and as such a bit harder to schedule.  I hope everyone is having a great New Year, and even though my team had a putrid showing on January 9th I will always be a Tiger fan.  I guess now that I am starting school at Lindenwood, I will be a Lion and Tiger fan (just need to find some bears now …OH MY!)




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12 01 2012

I enjoy reading your posts, especially those dealing with how you plan to accomplish your goals. I also make a daily to-do list, but often put too much on it. I have found that making a master list helps. Then I make a daily list and put the top three priorities on it first. I find that if I get those three things done, then anything else is the icing on my cake.
I am starting a new weight loss plan today and I like your idea of blogging daily. I hope this will help me stay on track and see my progress.

12 01 2012
The Show-Me Cajun

I fully agree with having 3 top priorities for each day, and going after those things first. Zig Ziglar is one of my favorite authors/speakers, and he says you should always give your goals priority. You always start by focusing on the top priority, and then moving down the list. If you only get to one thing that day, at least you know it was the most important thing for you to do. Best of luck on your weight loss journey as well. I will certainly be following along.

4 04 2012
My Resolutions, A follow up. | TheShowMeCajun

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