Couch to 5K, here I come!

19 01 2012

So I went out today and played a round of disc golf.  That was my only workout for the day, but it felt good to be outside even though it was a bit cold.  I couldn’t believe how hard it was to walk 18 holes of disc golf.  I have been playing sports pretty well year round for the better part of my adult life, but I had let it get to where sports once per week was the majority of my movement (and that’s simply not cutting it).  I have resolved to complete a 1/2 marathon and a tough mudder, so I figure I will need to be in run shape at some point.  I found this program a while back, and I think I am going to start on it tomorrow:

The Aggressive Couch to 5K (3mile) Program – 4 Months.

I have been to quite a few times, but I never really started on a plan.  It’s been nearly 10 years since my last triathlon, and its about time I do something about it.  I am going to plan a 5K for 4 months from now to go along with this program, and then I will be looking for a sprint triathlon as well.  This way I will have a goal race to look forward to reaching.  I found a few races about 16-17 weeks from now that would be good to get back into the swing of things. Here is the fleet feet race calendar for St Louis:

Races – FLEET FEET St. Louis.

I will probably compete in the RecPlex spring triathlon as well:

Rec-Plex Triathlon & Race Events.

The RecPlex triathlon is about as flat a race as I will find in the St Louis area, and its a close event.  The RecPlex is within 5 miles of my house so it will be really nice on race day not having to drive a long way to the race start.

One great thing has already come from this race, and I just decided to race.  One of my daughters has asked if she could run with me, and my other daughter is considering running as well.  Maybe this could be a good way to get our family moving together.

I don’t want to do so much early on that I hurt myself, and sabotage my progress but I will be doing P90X while getting my running program going.  I think I will be using the strength days from P90X, but replacing the cardio days with my walking/running program.

It’s early on in the process and I have a huge hill in front of me, but at least I now have a target.  It’s really hard to hit a target like running a 1/2 marathon or completing a tough mudder in the shape I’m in, but its impossible to hit a target that’s not even there.  I guess I will start updating my progress over the next few days, which is what this blog was supposed to be for to begin with.  Good luck me!




4 responses

19 01 2012

I can’t wait for the day when my my girls and can run a race together – they’re both a little young for the 5k yet. I wish you luck.


19 01 2012
The Show-Me Cajun

Thanks. I was really excited to hear that they were interested. Both of my daughters are in high school, and both are planning to run track in the spring. …now if I can just keep up!

20 01 2012
Mike Ransick

Very cool that one (or both) of your daughters want to run the 5K with you!

Besides the BT plans, did you join a mentor group? The quality is kind of hit or miss but still a great way to stay engaged in endurance sports.

21 01 2012
The Show-Me Cajun

I haven’t signed up for any programs yet, but I am certainly interested in doing that. The last time I ran races I would run long runs with a group from fleet feet in st charles. I will probably look into doing that again. Thanks for the suggestion.

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