Just a progress update!

21 01 2012

School is starting on Monday, and I am very excited to be back in class.  I will be taking 3 classes that will go toward my teaching certification, as well as helping with my MAT.  I should be able to get all of the classes I need out of the way by the end of the fall semester, and begin student teaching next spring.  It would be really amazing to be in the classroom as a certified teacher in just 2 years.

I walked for about 25 minutes yesterday just to get the legs moving, and I will be starting my Couch to 5K program on Monday as well.  The program is an easy way to build up to the 5K, and from there it will be on to a 1/2 marathon program as long as I can take off a few pounds and the legs cooperate.  I will be trying to get some strength workouts in via P90X as well.

I played tennis today, and have another tennis match tomorrow.  I have been playing tennis at least once per week for the past few months, and my game is finally starting to come around.  I am not amazing by any stretch of the imagination, but I could actually see myself moving up to 3.5 once this season is over.  I’m finally hitting consistent ground strokes.  I can’t wait for my doubles match tomorrow.

My diet has been my Achilles heel lately, and I need to get that under control this week, or the wait is simply not going to come off.  I have started to eat more fruit, and I will add more vegetables this next week as well.  I haven’t been eating fast food as much, which is really nice, but I still need to get my portions under control.

Diet and exercise are on my mind fairly constantly, which is a good thing.  I now just need to hold myself accountable, and continue to blog about both.  Thanks to everyone that is reading my blog, because it’s certainly keeping me on track.  Have a great weekend everyone!




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