What exactly is a Hip Flexor anyway?

24 01 2012

I’m pretty certain I pulled/sprained/strained my Hip Flexor, because I am having some nasty pain in my hip lately.  I have been moving as much as I can lately, but this is severely limiting what I am able to accomplish physically.  I have started both of my classes for my degree, and I am loving both of them.  My diet still leaves something to be desired, and with my body not doing what I want it to I guess I will be forced to get my diet in check.  Maybe this will be a blessing in disguise?

The weird thing about this hip pain that I am having is that it gets worse if I am walking or standing, but it’s not there if I am playing tennis or basketball.  I think its the Hip Flexor based on some quick research I did online, but I’m not certain at this point.  I have started taking ibuprofen, and if that doesn’t help I will check in with my doctor later in the week.

My education classes are amazing so far.  Both of my professors seem to go out of there way to help, and they are engaging with their material.  They are very different, but both accomplish the goals of teaching and even entertaining their students.  When you are in class with mostly early 20-somethings, and everyone is into the instruction you know the professor is doing his job.  This has also given me a great deal of hope that we are going to have some great educators in this area for the foreseeable future.

Now that my schedule is set for the next 16 weeks, I have no more excuses when it comes to my diet.  I haven’t been eating fast food, which is a step in the right direction, but I also haven’t been taking in enough water.  I need to really focus on taking in water, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein without gorging on the portions.  I think this will be the bigger focus for me right now since my exercise is temporarily slowed down somewhat.  I will continue to move as best I can, and whatever doesn’t hurt I will continue to do.

I realized it had been a few days since I had posted, and I didn’t want people to think that my New Year’s Resolutions had already fallen by the way side.  I am very motivated to accomplish my goals, and I hope to have a great deal of progress posts coming in the near future.  One way or the other I will reach my goals.  I may just have to take the scenic route if my body decides its not going to play nice.  I had heard of a Hip Flexor before, but I really hadn’t thought much about it until now.  If it gives me any more trouble, I guess my doctor can deal with it.  Until next time….. Enjoy!

……Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Sherry by the way.  One more year and she will officially be an adult.  I can’t believe I have a 17 year old daughter today.  I’m not mentally an adult yet myself!




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