Should I really use The Biggest Loser as my model?

3 02 2012
The Biggest Loser (Australian TV series)

The Biggest Loser

So, I have been told several times that The Biggest Loser is not a good way to go workout-wise.  I have been working out all my life, and I know what my body is capable of (for the most part).  My biggest problem is that I have been so sedentary that I can’t even scratch the surface of my potential until I get this huge layer of fat off of me.  This point makes the Biggest Loser model sound like a good way to go.  I have more time than nearly anyone I know, because I am back in school (and only part-time) so why not go all out.  I was watching the Biggest Loser this past week, and the aqua team guy says he is working out 14 hours per day.  I am really wondering just how much walking I can do in a day, and if it would really help to build a base and/or take off the pounds.  Am I going to be hungry all the time if I am walking for hours?  Can my legs recover from 4+ hours on the road and/or trail?  I think I am going to find out.

OK, so I’m not big enough to even be on The Biggest Loser, so I can really only hope to achieve the title Loser.  It just doesn’t sound as nice now does it?  I am tipping the scales at nearly 280 pounds still, and sadly that is really small compared to contestants on the show.  Generally I wouldn’t want to be called a loser, but if it means I have lost 50/75/100 pounds I think I could handle it.  Walking is going to be a big part of my overall fitness routine at this point, because it’s one of the few activities that I can sustain for any real period of time.  I can walk for hours at a time, and still have something left in my legs the next day.  When I play 2 hours of basketball or tennis, my legs are screaming at me the next day.  When I walk for the same amount of time, I feel like I’m starting fresh.  Maybe after a few weeks of walking for an hour or 2 at a time, I will be able to play for 2 hours without the negative side effects.

Obviously if you have been following my blog at all, you know that my major goals for this year are to lose 80 lbs, complete a Tough Mudder, and complete a 1/2 marathon.

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Tough Mudder, here I come.

I also have other small goals that I want to accomplish as part of my overall fitness regimen.  I have been an athlete all my life, and since I have put on this “outer coating” I have lost several steps.  I would like to get all of those steps back, and then some.  I used to play left center field on every softball team I played for, and now I pitch.  I enjoy pitching, but I want to be able to run around the outfield and grab every ball that’s hit near me again.  I want to be able to play basketball and run up and down the court for 2 hours, and barely break a sweat.  I want to be able to dunk a basketball on a 10ft goal for the first time in my life.  I want to become a better tennis player (3.5 or even 4.0), even though I don’t know exactly what that would like like at this point.  I know that being in better shape would afford me the opportunity to get to more balls than I can right now.  It’s really tough to be a jock when you weigh 280 pounds, and its high time I did something about that.

I am going to try to add some High Intensity Training to my workouts, but I need to make sure I don’t put these workouts so close together that they adversely affect my progress.  I have a gym membership at the RecPlex, and a full service gym at Lindenwood University to use, and I also have P90X at home so access is really not an issue.  I would have to say that P90X would be the most convenient way to start, because the workouts are all laid out in front of me.  I don’t necessarily know if convenient is the best way to go, however, because lenient lends itself to laziness quite well, and that is my biggest obstacle.  There is also a program or 2 for Tough Mudder training that I have seen, and I may put one of those into place at the gym instead.  I want to make sure that by September I can not only run the 1/2 marathon, but I can also do the physical work necessary to get through the obstacles.

For now, its going to be more of the same.  Today I am going to head out the door and walk my usual mile and a half trail, but I am thinking of adding in some time at the park as well.  It’s going to be nearly 60 degrees, so no time like the present to burn a few extra calories.  I have to admit that even though its only been a few days, it already feels better to be moving again.  As long as I just keep moving consistently, I have no doubt that I can reach my goals.  If you don’t see a post for a few days, feel free to find me on or send me an e-mail telling me to get my butt in gear.  I could use all the push I can find.

I don’t know that I will be using the Biggest Loser as an inspiration for all of my workouts, but I will certainly use them as a model of consistency.  The players don’t lose 20 lbs every week, and most of the time its 3-5 pounds (which should be my wheelhouse).  If I can lose a consistent amount of weight (even 1-2 pounds), I can reach my goals over time.  I just need to make sure I’m taking in enough fewer calories than I am burning, and that I am pushing myself enough physically to get stronger and stronger.  I want to be able to push myself harder than I ever have before.  I’m not quite sure what that will look like yet, but if my life is anything like the Biggest Loser, it should be loads of fun finding out.




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