Restart accomplished. …Now for the consistency

16 02 2012
Lindenwood Lions logo

Lindenwood University

I walked for about 20 minutes on the indoor track at Lindenwood.  There was a sign posted that read, “No matter how slow you go …you are lapping everybody of the couch.”  I decided that was all the motivation I needed for the day.  I proceeded to run 3 laps with 21 Kettle bell swings and 15 pushups between sets.  The track at Lindenwood is set up for boot camp style workouts, and I figured why not use the equipment.  I got a great workout in, and it took less than an hour.  I walked a few more laps when I was done with that workout as a cool down.  The best part is I feel great!

I think I am going to focus on just moving every day.  If I only walk a mile I will be ok with that, because I walked a mile that day.  If I feel really good, and I’m able to walk/run for 3 miles, then so be it.  The follow through has always been the issue, so I am going to make it as easy as possible to follow through, and worry about getting better as the days go by.

Now its time to find that 5K to sign up for.




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