More times to beat!

23 02 2012

…so yesterday I was going to get a walk/run in, but after my workout in the morning and coaching my son’s basketball team I was beat.  I ended up walking/running today instead, and it was a very productive run.  I still need to map the run so that I have a better idea of the distance, but I think the loop is approximately 1.5 miles and I did 2 loops today.

My first loop was done in 24:09 and my 2nd loop was done in 23:44.  It’s not an official 5K time, but my total was 47:53 for my first approximately 5K run.  I now have a time to shoot for, and this will be a great loop to run while I am getting ready for my 5K.  Now I have 3 different times to try to beat:

1 mile time: 11:12

1.5 mile time: 23:44

3 mile time: 47:53

Speaking of 5K’s I signed up for my first race finally:  World Water Day Katy Trail 5K | EDGE OUTREACH.  The race date is March 24th, and I can’t wait to get an official time.  I have done a number of 5K’s in the past, but those were approximately 10 years ago, and I need times to work towards that are current.

I am really excited about having a race to look forward to again, because its just one more thing that will push me to stay consistent.




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24 02 2012

It appears you’re trying to get your distance first, then speed up. I like it. That first mile is promising too.

I started with pace first and just quit running when I was spent but I’d bet you’ll be able to drop weight faster the way you’re doing it.

Smart thinking. Keep it up

24 02 2012
The Show-Me Cajun

I have rebuilt my running endurance a couple of times in the past, and this was how I did it. I wasn’t quite as big back then, but I started with intervals of walk 4 min/run 1 min, and built until I was running 3 miles. I have never run more than 5 for a race, or 10 total though (and the 10 nearly crippled me). It’s going to be fun watching the distances add up. Right now I’m just happy that I’m staying consistent.

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