I fell off the wagon… again, but it’s all good.

3 03 2012

…so this week was NOT a good week for my weight loss.  My diet was atrocious, my workouts were hit or miss (mostly miss), and my running plan is now a week behind schedule with my 5K just 3 weeks away.  This is horrible news for my new training plan, but I’m really not worried about it.  Why am I not worried you ask?

Over the last several years, I have become a semi-pro at quitting.  I taught myself how to simply give up, and once you give up enough, you become pretty good at it.  Just like working out, repetition is the mother of skill.  I have started so many workout plans only to come up short that I stopped counting them years ago.  There is a difference this time though.  Usually, I take one day off, which turns into two, which turns into weeks, months, and even years.  I took 3 days off this time, however, and I was so mad at myself that I couldn’t stand it.  I have officially made moving a part of my life again.  It really is a lifestyle change that I don’t want to give up.  This is VERY promising!

Thanks Vince!  I really needed that.

Today is a new day, not because I had the best workout, but because I realized that I can take a day off and get back to working out.  Just because I miss 2 or 3 days doesn’t mean I have to quit.  I can win!  I will win!  Winning (as the video clearly illustrates) is an every day thing.  Winning isn’t something that you do on gameday, but it’s what leads you to gameday.  If you win everyday, it really doesn’t matter where you finish the race, because you have already won.  Today I played volleyball, and tomorrow I am going to workout and get back on my couch to 5K training plan.  I don’t care what my time is in my 5K, because I know it will be better than not running the race to begin with.

I may not win every day, but every time I do win brings me closer to my goals.  Repetition is the mother of skill, and the more often I win, the easier it will become to win.  Sooner or later, I will be a winner again.

So what if I fell off the wagon.  Everyone falls off the wagon.  Today I had the strength to get up, dust myself off, and get back on the wagon.  Here’s to winning the day tomorrow.




3 responses

4 03 2012

Eventually, if things work out right you’ll get to a point where falling off the wagon is working out on what should have been your day off. The trick is sticking with it till you get there. It’s not easy, just keep doing what you’re doing.

Good luck.

8 03 2012

Good for you for getting back out there and trying. Hang in there!!

10 03 2012

Me too, brother. I had simply a lazy week with no reason why. Laziness? We need to get back to holding one another accountable, because we both know that developing a winner’s attitude is helped immensely by others also achieving goals. You can do this, as can I but I am sick of the talking about doing it versus the actual doing it. Talk is cheap, and I need too to be pushed into a little bit out of my comfort zone. I can do it, my body can do it…we just need to get our minds to open to doing it. Get out of your way, and I will get out of mine!

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