One day at a time, one day at a time!

22 03 2012

Today was a good day on the diet front and on the exercise front.  I have moved pretty well for the last couple of days, and my first race is right around the corner.  It’s not going to be pretty, but I will get through it and have a time to beat.  Here’s to PR’s!

I have just started reading Dean Karnazes’ latest book, RUN!  I will put my thoughts on the book in my blog once I’m done.  It’s definitely motivating.  I loved Ultra-marathon Man, and this book looks to be much the same.  I just picked it up earlier today, and I am already through 6 chapters of the 26.2 chapters in the book.  At this rate, I guess I’ll have something up before the weekend is done.  Geaux Karno!

I realized earlier today that my blog started out with a bang, but has recently fizzled.  I am going to go back over my 7 days to a better year tomorrow in the hopes of getting back on track.  My current GPA is 4.0, but other than school, I am falling far behind my plan.  I really want to get things going again, and have something magical to discuss when it comes time for my resolutions next year.

For the select few of you that are still looking in on me from time to time, thanks for the support and confidence!




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