Movement equals happiness …at least for me.

14 04 2012

I really do feel so much better when I am moving.  I played 3 hours of volleyball this morning at the St Peters Rec Plex, and I have felt great all day.  I can’t wait for my softball season opener tomorrow night (weather permitting).

I think its about time that I finally get through a full round of P90X as well.  I have had that system for 2 or 3 years now, and have never gone beyond P30X.  My wife used to call it P3X, because I would do a few days, and then not workout for about a week or 2, and then start over again.  Monday is going to be the start of my first full round.

I know getting through a full round will elevate my fitness level higher than I can possibly see right now.  I started to realize that I had lost a step or 2 in softball when I moved from outfield to infield, and then to pitcher.  It’s time to regain the ability to run down balls no matter where I play in the field.  It would be nice to become a home run hitter again too.

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!




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