The kids last day of school was today …now it’s really on!

17 05 2012

I have been trying to find ways to stay motivated, or to get motivated when its not there.  The Crossfit website is a great way to do that.  The games qualifiers are underway, and for the next couple of months there will be an unlimited supply of motivation.  One of the newer videos on the Crossfit Journal was a day in the life of Rich Froning (The Fittest Man of Earth).  He is a BEAST!

So far today I have hit in the batting cages for 4 rounds, and I did a Crossfit workout for time just to establish a base level.  The workout was a descending ladder of 10 burpees, 9 push ups, 8 squats, 7 burpees, 6 push ups, 5 squats, 4 burpees, 3 push ups, 2 squats, 1 burpee.  I finished in 5:26 which is probably very slow, but I actually felt like I did ok for where I am currently.  I will also be heading to the RecPlex today for a strength training session.

Yesterday was a really good day for me physically.  I played a round of disc golf in the morning.  I did a quick workout at home consisting of double unders x10, 40 squats, 1 minute plank, 20 push ups, 10 pull ups (using a chair).  I also played tennis in the evening with a buddy from my USTA team.  I didn’t eat the best, and that is what I am really wanting to focus on from today forward.

I am getting back to using after a little nudge from my brother.  I think it will really help me to stay focused on that part of my life.  Once I get my diet close to where it needs to be, my goal will then be to get on a fairly strict paleo diet.  I really want to get rid of the sugars, breads, pasta, etc.

I really want to get into a local Crossfit affiliate at least for a few months to get started.  I would really like to have that coaching so that I can get my form where I want it.  Lindenwood has all of the equipment that I need to keep things going, but I need that initial push in the right direction.  I will be checking out a couple of local affiliates early next week.  I will post how it goes, and if I decide to start with one of those boxes.




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