Just a few words

3 07 2012

Sherry (my oldest daughter) is really wanting to be in the best shape of her young life during her senior year of high school, so I need to stay on task to help her out.  I think this is great for both of us, because we will have someone there to push us.

Yesterday was really tough, because the sinus/ear infection just won’t go away, and it had my dragging pretty bad yesterday.  I think the fact that I pressed play, and got my initial workout in is a great sign.  My previous attempts at P90X started out with a bang, but as soon as something came along I was easily sidetracked.  The fact that I started even with every reason not to, will keep me going, even when things aren’t perfect.  Today, for instance, is my 20th wedding anniversay, but instead of missing my workout I’ve already worked it out with my wife that I will get in PlyoX (and a shower) before heading out to a nice dinner at PF Changs.  I will make sure to have the lettuce wraps and some chicken.

One day down so far and 89 to go, but for some reason this one feels like it’s going to stick.





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