It Hurts So Good!

4 07 2012

The soreness is already starting to set in from the Chest and Back workout from Monday.  Today is going to be Shoulders and Arms, which is day 3 of P90X.  I was later than I hoped getting home from work yesterday, and I missed the PlyoX workout.  I will just push my cardio days back by one so that on my rest day I’m doing KenpoX, but otherwise nothing will change.

I played probably the best 3 sets of tennis I’ve ever played this morning, and I just want to keep moving forward.  I weighed in at 275 lbs before starting P90X, which is actually already down 10 lbs from where I was early in 2012.  That 10 lbs has already made a difference, but I can’t wait to see how great I feel once I’m down 25, 50, or more lbs.  Softball this past weekend went pretty well also, so I’m definitely doing something right.

In regards to my diet, I’ve certainly been eating better.  While in Destrehan, LA (just outside of New Orleans), my wife and I spent a night with my brother and his wife, and I watched him put his lunch together for the next day.  I’ve basically stolen his process, and it seems to be working really well for me.  I make a salad with romaine, grape tomatoes, and fajita chicken from Sams Club for my lunch.  I usually bring a couple of servings of fruit for snacks also.  It seems to be holding me over pretty well, but I have still been eating too much for dinner.  This week I’m going to work on keeping my calories below 2000, and working out as often as possible.  It seems like it gets easier to eat right the more I eat right.  It’s sort of a catch 22.  It’s tough to make the changes, but it gets easier by just making the changes.

I have a feeling by this weekend I’m going to be nice and sore, because I haven’t been doing any weight training for a while.  It feels really good to be sore at this point, because it means I’m working my body more than it’s used to being worked.





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5 07 2012
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