…and Back to Earth already.

6 07 2012

I’m not sure what happened, but I strained my left quad earlier playing softball.  One of my buddies asked me to pick up tonight at 630/730, because they were short.  It was only about 107 degrees, but free softball is always a good thing.  Right out of the batter’s box I felt something, and I ended up only playing one game.  Luckily they ended up having 11 guys, so it didn’t matter that I only played one game.

Tomorrow I have 2 games in the morning, and I am going to be taking it REALLY easy.  I may just have someone run for me depending on how my leg is doing.  Time for some Motrin and some rest.  I don’t want this to sideline me from P90X.  I want to get back in shape!  I guess only time will tell, but it doesn’t seem like I did any real damage thankfully.

More to come after my games tomorrow, I guess.





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