P90X Day 4 Down, Sort of…

6 07 2012

…so I generally play tennis on Wednesdays, and I really don’t want to stop doing that.  I really enjoy tennis, but after playing for an hour and a half in 100+ degree heat I decided to skip YogaX.  I basically replaced it with my tennis.  I am pretty certain the calorie burn was more than sufficient, and I am going to move on to Legs and Back today.  Tomorrow I have a couple of games of softball in the morning, but I will still get in a cardio workout.  I am not sure if I will just go with KenpoX which is on the schedule, or substitute in Plyo or Yoga.  I know that one way or the other I will be moving and burning calories (and that is the point anyway).

Yesterday I put in my notice for 2 weeks from today at my current job, and I am really excited because it means I will be taking 12 hours in the fall.  After this 12 hours I will be completing my student teaching, and then I will have my own classroom.  I really can’t wait to start my new career as a teacher.  I have a ton of things to get done before the semester begins, and it will be a busy schedule of classes.  I can see that light at the end of the tunnel, and this time it’s not a train.  Yeah me!

I feel like things are really starting to fall into place.  I’m sure I will be brought back down to Earth at some point, but for now the view is nice up here in the clouds.





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