Another weekend gone too fast…

9 07 2012

…so after Friday night’s scare with my quad I took it really easy Saturday morning.  I ended up playing 2 games, and taking it really easy on the bases.  Thre was a little bit of discomfort, but no real pain.  By Sunday I was able to play tennis completely pain free, and I really didn’t feel anything.  Hopefully that means it was just a minor sprain or bruise.  With all of the issues though I wasn’t able to get my Legs and Back workout in for P90X.  Today I am going to just move on to week 2.  Chest and Back is a great workout, and with all of the running I did over the weekend between my sports I will consider that my leg workout for the week.  I think Friday was the only day that I really didn’t push myself, and that was because of the injury.  If every week goes like the last one the weight is going to come off really easily.  As usual, the wasn’t nearly enough time in my weekend, and I’m back at work.

My goal for this week is going to be getting in as many P90X workouts as possible.  It’s going to be tough to get PlyoX in on Tuesday, because I have volleyball Tuesday night.  Yoga is always going to be tough, because I play tennis on Thursday nights.  While I do play softball on Saturday mornings, we are down to our last couple of weeks, and I will still have enough in me to do Legs and Back anyway most of the time.  I would have easily had the energy this week if I weren’t worried about my quad.

Depending on how things go this week, I would really like to get out and walk/run a couple of days also.  Maybe I can get my wife or daughter to join me on that one.  I would really like to keep moving toward my goals of finishing a Tough Mudder and a 1/2 marathon this year.  I have fallen behind schedule on that, but with the added weight loss that P90X can bring it might be a good time to start building a base for running.




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