Slowly but surely, things are getting better

11 07 2012

I was down to 270 on the nose from using myfitness pal and just simply moving more.  I slacked off for a while, and then took my trip to New Orleans.  When I got back I was all the way back up to 278, which was upsetting, but not completely shocking.  I am back down to 273 today after just eating right and starting P90X last week.  I really only did a few workouts last week, but I also played tennis or softball nearly every day that I wasn’t working out.

This week I did a quick version of Chest and Back on Monday by just doing many of the exercises that Tony Horton uses in that workout.  Tuesday I played volleyball (we won 2 out of 3 from a decent team…yeah).  Today I am going to get back to P90X with Shoulders and Arms, and I plan to push it much harder.  I like the fact that the scale moved in the right direction, but I really want to push myself harder to see what types of changes I can really make.  Slow, but steady improvements are great, but in the shape I’m in the jumps in fitness and strength could be much bigger.

I definitely feel better when I eat decent and workout, regardless of they type of movement or if I’m tracking every calorie.  I do want to get things dialed in really good over the next couple of week though so I can see what I’m really capable of.  Hold me to it, because slowly but surely isn’t necessarily the mantra I want.  I want to make major changes that get people asking me what I’m doing.





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11 07 2012

Save your life first, worry about the results after the first person that you see after a long while says, “wow, you look GOOD!

I haven’t seen an improvement in the mirror in almost 8 months, but people I don’t see often let me know every time I see them again.

Just keep it up brother.

11 07 2012
The Show-Me Cajun

I think I was trying to say that, but didn’t quite get it across right. It’s not that I want to see visible results in the mirror, but rather that I want to feel better and have others notice that I’m changing. Thanks as always for the support!

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