…so that’s what a REAL workout feels like?

12 07 2012

Last night I went for a walk with my wife as a warm up to my P90X workout.  I did Shoulders and Arms, which is technically day 10, but I’ve only actually done a handful of workouts mixed in with my various sports.  Last night I decided to hit it HARD.  I went up on all of my weights, which are still very low, but was a big step up for me.  WOW!  I was starting to get sore before the night was over, and my arms are letting me know this morning.  It feels great to know that I pushed it hard, and the gains are going to come.  …on a side note, I’m back down to 272 (270 was my lowest since I started trying to lose) so I’m definitely on the right track.  My diet was dialed in really well yesterday, and I feel the difference today.

I wanted to make sure I posted this today so that I can remind myself in the future the reasons for eating good.  It simply feels better the next day/week/month when you take in the right energy.  It’s been a struggle getting myself to delay gratification in the past, and this is how I’m going to break that cycle.

Today is my tennis day, but my normal tennis partner had to cancel due to illness so I’m either going to find a replacement or hit PlyoX hard tonight.  I’m split on that one, because I love to play tennis, but PlyoX is an amazing workout.

It’s time for me to get to work, but I just had to post after that workout last night.





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17 07 2012
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