The CYCLE of life

14 07 2012

Okay, so maybe I’m stretching a little on the title, but I hit for the cycle this morning at softball.  I finally hit my first home room of the season, but I forgot one thing in the process.  I had just strained my left quad last week.  When I was legging out my triple, I strained it again rounding 2nd base….OOPS!  Today was going to be Legs and Back, and now I’m not sure if that’s going to be possible.

I am back down to 270 which is very nice, and I just don’t want anything to sideline me.  The best part of this recent weight loss is that it’s been mainly from my diet.  I have had the hardest time sticking to a decent diet, but I’ve finally found a good routine.  If I am going to have to take it easy on the strength training, at least I can fall back on a solid diet to get me through.  I may just move up Chest and Back to today, and then attempt Legs and Back on Monday.  I guess I will see how I’m feeling this afternoon.

Either way, I am going to have a great weekend with my family.  …and they’re my biggest motivations in this weight loss effort anyway.  While I may have done some damage to my quad, I can’t help but feel blessed.





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