It’s a lifestyle change …no, REALLY!

17 07 2012

My wife likes to say that I’ve done P5X like 20 times, because I’ve started and stopped so many times in the past that it’s a bit comical.  I understand where she is coming from, because I’ve always wanted to get in shape (and maybe even ripped) even though I’ve never really had a true desire to succeed.  It’s really odd, because I don’t know exactly when I started thinking the way I do right now.  It’s hard to say exactly why, but I know I will be completing 90 days this time.  I have been doing the weight workouts over the past 2 weeks, but not the cardio, because my sports have taken the place of those.  My softball leagues are coming to a close though, and my volleyball league isn’t far behind that.

I have bigger goals now than to just get through 90 days, or to lose weight:

I want to be in the BEST shape of my life.  I want to feel amazing every day.  I want to be so healthy that people see me, and can’t help but ask what I’m doing.  I want to be the person I have been acting like for the last 2 weeks basically.  It really is a lifestyle change, but more than that it’s a mental change.  …and most importantly, I want to be the man that my wife and kids already believe me to be!

I know I will complete the program this time, not because I have will power, but because I have changed who I am over the last couple of weeks.  I can’t really pinpoint it, but I’m different.  I see food as fuel, and it’s truly easy to stay away from fast food and to create a daily calorie deficit.  I don’t want juicy cheeseburgers, or huge burritos (and trust me, I WANTED them before).  I am not only enjoying my workouts, but savoring them.  I just simply feel better.  I’m down 20 lbs over the course of the last 2 months or so, and now I’m getting down to business.

Yesterday I took day 1 pics, and I (re)started P90X.  I hit Chest and Back hard yesterday.  I did more push ups than I have done since probably boot camp.  I focused on the negatives of each of my pull up reps.  My back is letting me know that I did something different yesterday.  Today is going to be my first challenge, because I have volleyball at 6:20P.  I WILL be doing PlyoX after volleyball though.  My quad is still a bit sore, and I won’t be able to push Plyo the way I did Chest and Back, but I will be getting in a solid workout tonight.

I really wish I could explain how I did it, but when I wasn’t really paying attention I made a lifestyle change …and I’ve never felt better.





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