PlyoX is always one of my favorite workouts.

18 07 2012

…so two down, and 88 to go for round 1.  I did PlyoX yesterday (or half of PlyoX), because I had volleyball at 6.20.  I ended up playing 1 hour of volleyball (we won 2 of 3) and then doing about 1/2 hour of PlyoX.  I was beat to say the least, and now the soreness from Chest and Back is starting to set in pretty good.  I will be drinking a good amount of water today.

I always love Plyo, because it is all squatting and jumping, and my legs are my strong point.  I did have to modify slightly due to the issues with my left quad, but once I got going I was able to do most of the movements without any pain.

Tonight is going to be Shoulders and Arms, and I plan to hit that one just as hard as the first 2 workouts.  I can feel myself getting stronger by the day, and it’s really an awesome thing.

Tomorrow is my last day of work, and I think I am going to move my P90X workouts to the morning, and then try to add some triathlon training in the afternoon if I have the energy and time.  I would love to end the year by completing that Tough Mudder I had planned on, or at least a sprint triathlon.  I know I will be doing some races next year, either way.

For now, I am going to keep pushing play and watch the pounds melt away.





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