I’m feeling better by the day, and more sore.

19 07 2012

The soreness has definitely set in now.  My back is REALLY sore today, and my legs and arms are starting to feel it as well.  Yesterday was Shoulders and Arms, and I pushed it pretty hard.  I am really enjoying my workouts, and even though I’m only on day 4 I feel great.  Kicking it up a notch is really helping, because I can tell it’s working.  Today is YogaX, and I think this is one of my least favorite workouts, but it is definitely effective at kicking my backside.  I also have tennis tonight, so we’ll see how that goes.  If I can get through 1/2 hour to 45 min’s of YogaX after tennis, I will feel great.

This is my last day of work, which means I will have more time on my hands.  I think I am going to start adding walking/biking to my daily routine now.  I’m hoping this will speed up my weight loss, and get me ready for some upcoming races.





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