A little let down, but still pushing through.

22 07 2012

So I didn’t even get through 1/2 hour YogaX, and I didn’t get Legs and Back or KenpoX in on Thu/Fri.  In my defense, Friday was an exceptionally busy day with picking up Trey from his grandparents and spending the day at Band Camp with the girls.  By the time we got home I barely had the energy for a shower, and a climb into bed.  Yesterday I had the season ending Calvary softball tourney (we finished 3rd – boo), and that meant 4 game in the 100 degree heat.  It was a fun time, but I was beat down yesterday.  I gave in, and ordered pizza for Trey and myself.

With the exception of that pizza, however, my diet has been spot on and it’s beginning to show.  From my highest point, I’m down about 25 lbs and I’m feeling great.  Today I am refocussed on my diet, and I think I will do KenpoX or Legs, but I don’t want to do any back work since I have Chest and Back tomorrow for day 8.  I guess I will see what the day brings.

I am definitely feeling amazing.  I can feel major differences with every 5-10 lbs of weightloss, and I can’t imagine how I will feel at 185 or so.  This has been one of the greatest journeys of my life, and I have barely started.  I guess it’s true that the journey is greater than the destination, but I can’t wait to see that destination none the less.

Time for a quick clean up of the house, and a quick workout before heading back up to Band Camp for one last visit.





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