My last few days of workouts.

27 07 2012

I have been talking a bunch about different things I have been doing, but I really haven’t been documenting my workouts that well.  I am going to start trying to document my workouts, and my training/races.

Every day I have been walking a 1.7 mile trail around my neighborhood to warm up for the day.

Wednesday — I started with a 20 minute interval warmup on the spinning bike followed by a chest and back work.  I did 3 super sets of push ups using steps to get a deeper extension and heavy pants with 30 lb dumbbells (p90x back exercise).  I then did 2 super sets of wide fly pushups and lawn mowers (another p90x back exercise) with 35 lb weights.

Thursday — I started with a 20 minute interval warmup on the treadmill followed by a Shoulders and Arms workout.  2 super sets of Military Press with 65 lbs, bicep curls with 20 lbs, and triceps extensions with 10 lbs.  I followed that with 2 super sets of Shoulder Press with 25 lb dumbbells, static biceps curls with 25 lbs, and bench dips (legs straight).
Thursday night I went for another 1.7 mile walk.

Today — I started with a 5K on the Concept 2 rower in 26:21, and followed that up with 2 sets of:  1 lap around the indoor LU track, 10 Bosu burpees, 10 step ups with 2×35 lb kettlebells, and 20 air squats.  I finished with a cool down of 3 laps around the track.

I am going to try to keep track of my workouts and weights so that I can track my progression.  I am also down to 264 lbs from a starting point of 292.  I started my blog at 281, with a high weight of 285.  I am really enjoying watching the lbs come off.  I’m nearly down 30 lbs from my highest point, and I can definitely tell the difference.

This weekend I will be playing volleyball, tennis, and softball.  I am looking to stick to a 3 day split 2x per week with 1 rest day.  I will split my workouts as:  Chest and Back, Shoulders and Arms, and Legs and Abs.






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