Today’s workout and diet log for the day.

29 07 2012

Today I went to the LU indoor track again.  I did 5K on the Concept 2 rower in 24:34 which was a nearly 2 minute PR.  I then did 3 rounds of 10,8,6 reps of the following:  One lap around the track, Bosu Burpees, 45 lb kettlebell swings, and 18″ box jumps.  When I was done with that workout I did a few reps of deadlift and power cleans with 135 lb just to get used to the movements with a fairly light weight.

I wasn’t able to play tennis this morning due to rain, but it looks like softball will still be on tonight, because the sun is out and shining as I type this.  I also plan on getting a 1.7 mile loop around the neighborhood just to keep it going.

My diet has been really good for the most part, and today was about typical so far.  I had 2 slices of PB toast with Bunny Honey Wheat with a cup of coffee with cream and sugar for breakfast.  I had a serving of green grapes for a snack, and then for lunch I had a taco salad with romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, ground turkey with taco seasoning, and salsa.  I have really been doing well on my eating, and I am able to have treats here and there while coming back to my diet.  This is a HUGE difference for me.  For most of my adult life, if I cheated on my diet it meant that my diet was OVER.  This feels like a true lifestyle change.





4 responses

29 07 2012

Awesome, brother.

30 07 2012
The Show-Me Cajun

Thanks. I am feeling SO much better lately. The better I eat and the more I workout, the better I feel.

21 08 2012

Eating the right stuff does catch on. You sure are doing some mighty work-outs too! It’s a nice success story you are building . It encourages me to do better…that and renewing our vows with the life insurance company. But even after the physical I hope to continue in this healthier way.

21 08 2012
The Show-Me Cajun

The life insurance is something I have been thinking about recently myself. I just turned 40, and I’m losing a good amount of weight. I’d be willing to bet that I can lower those premiums quite a bit once I’m down 50+ lbs. Thanks for the kind words!

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