Getting back at it is fun …PR’s go down almost daily.

31 07 2012

I posted a new PR in the 5K distance on the concept 2 rower today at 22:40.  I then did 5 super-sets of:  5 reps power clean with 115 lbs and 10 decline pushups on a 12″ box.  I then did 3 super-sets of:  8 medicine ball push-ups (both hands on medicine balls), and 10 kettlebell swings with a 40 lb bell.  I also did a lap around the indoor track in between each set.  I was completely spent at the end of the workout.

Today my diet is back where it needs to be, and I feel awesome.  2 bowls of golden grahams this morning, and a salad for lunch with some grapes on the side.  My goal is to keep my calories pretty clean, and under 1800 per day.  As long as I keep things going in that direction, I should easily be able to lose 3.5 to 5 lbs per week.

Yesterday was a rest day, and I did nearly nothing.  I needed it, because I was definitely tired and I feel much better today.  I watched Olympic coverage all day, and today I feel fully recharged.  I guess rest days are necessary after all.

I am getting farther and farther away from my P90X program, but I’m keeping things moving.  I am lifting more consistently than I ever have, and I’m also getting in some cardio 5-6 days per week.





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