It’s official, I’m addicted to the concept 2 rower.

1 08 2012

This morning I did 10K on the concept 2 rower in 46:55 which is my only time at that distance, so technically it’s a PR.  My first 5K of the workout was faster than my previous 2nd best 5K time, because my form is improving dramatically.  I am now BEAT!

Later today I will be playing tennis, and after that I will probably go to sleep early tonight.  I didn’t get in a strength training workout today, because the rower took me nearly an hour and I didn’t want to hurt myself by doing too much.

Tomorrow I will get in a much shorter cardio workout, and get in an upper body strength day as well.  I am due for Arms and Shoulders, so it will probably be shoulders, bi’s, and tri’s.





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