It’s been an interesting couple of weeks.

20 08 2012

I have been really busy over the past 2 weeks, but I haven’t been losing any weight.  It all started with the trip to KC, MO with my wife (and then continued for a few days after).  My diet was all but forgotten for a few days, but I found my way back fairly quickly.  I then get back into the gym only to find that all of the Crossfit equipment had been removed (minus the rowers – can I get an Amen?).  It’s been tough going, but at least I’m not gaining any weight.  I’m still down 30 lbs, but I would have liked to have been down 40 at this point.  Setbacks are going to come, and this is just another test along the way.

I had a very active weekend with softball on Friday and Sunday, tennis on Saturday and Sunday, and volleyball on Saturday morning.  This week I am making sure my diet is dialed back in, and that my workouts are getting back to where they need to be.  I haven’t really been hitting the weights since the Crossfit equipment was removed, so it’s simply time to change up my weight training, rather than lose it.

I did hit a new PR on my 2K row this morning with a 7:50.2, and then rowed easy for another 3K to get a good solid workout in this morning.  Tomorrow I will be back on the weights as well.





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