The new school year routine.

5 09 2012

It’s really easy to get caught up in the madness that is a new school year, and get away from your normal routine.  I have done this often enough to call it a routine of it’s own.  I get in the swing of things, and then school starts, and it all goes out the window.  Today, I got back on the rower, and it felt horrible (until I was done).  It had been nearly 2 weeks, and it felt like it had been nearly 2 years.  I did get in about a half an hour of service/swing practice at McNair park before-hand, which may have made the workout a bit more difficult.  I’m just glad I got my butt back in the gym, and I even came within 20 seconds of a new PR.

I’m loving my classes so far, and although it’s going to be pretty tough to keep on top of things, I WILL make sure that my workouts are still going to be a priority.  The funny thing about working out is that it gives you MORE time, because you have more energy when you are doing it consistently anyway.  The last 2 weeks have been far too much like my old life, and it is already showing.  I’m only down 25 lbs instead of 30, and I just haven’t felt very energetic.  I started moving, because I didn’t want to feel like that, and the same holds true today.  It’s once again time to get the diet and workout plan dialed in, and who knows, maybe this time I can take off another 30 lbs.

I guess it’s time to be on again!  …at least my off again segments are getting fewer and farther between, right?





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5 09 2012

They’re getting shorter too – and now that you realize how crappy you feel when you don’t work out, they’ll become even less frequent. That’s how it works brother.

5 09 2012
The Show-Me Cajun

Now if I could just get myself to go a couple or few months consecutively working out at a high level, I could get most of this extra weight off. It is getting easier to see food as fuel though, especially when I’m in those on-again phases. Thanks again for stopping by!

6 09 2012

You’ll find it much easier, as time goes by to adjust your workout schedule as daily changes pop up. The trick is where you prioritize your fitness – it’s very easy to put off a few days when things get hectic, but you’re getting to a point now where you’re seeing a need to get your sweat on as a way to keep you vibrant and happy – that puts a whole new dimension on it. Just keep after yourself and you’ll be fine my friend.

It’s always my pleasure to stop by.

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