New Beginnings…

15 02 2013

I think it’s pretty funny that the last post I made referred to a reboot.  Over the last week, I have figured out that it’s time for a VERY significant reboot.

I was going through my student teaching, and I figured out that it was not what I wanted to do for the next 20+ years of my life.  Over the course of a month and change, I was getting severe headaches three to four times per week.  By the time the headaches would go away, I had just enough time to prep for the next day and grade the papers that needed grading.  It simply wasn’t something that I wanted to do with my life.  I truly admire teachers, and I have a tremendous respect for what they do.  I just don’t want to be a teacher any longer.  I still love working with kids, but there is so much more to teaching than simply working with kids.  …moving on.

My daughter and I have started training for a 5K this week.  I looked up a few couch to 5K plans, and we are going to follow one of those fairly closely.  We have been walking about 2 miles per day, and we are going to start adding in some small amounts of running next week.  I’m still playing tennis and volleyball regularly, so I haven’t added weight, but I haven’t lost weight either.  My goals going forward are going to be centered around getting in better shape, figuring out exactly what I want to do for a career, and enjoying my kids while they are still in the house (my daughters are both in HS – 1 junior and 1 senior).

This blog is going to be pretty similar to what it was in the past, I think.  I am going to get back to working out regularly and posting to my blog about my workouts.  I plan to add my diet information as well so that I can keep myself accountable and on track.

Well, it’s like my last post stated.  …it’s time for a REBOOT!!!




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