I’m going to make it official

20 02 2013

…so I’m signing up for my first triathlon in 10 years.

Wood River Triathlon Bike

Wood River Triathlon Bike

The RecPlex SPRING TRIATHLON: Sunday, June 16, 2013 will be my welcome back to the sport. This triathlon sets up as follows:

500-meter swim in the Rec-Plex’s Olympic-quality Natatorium
21-mile bicycle ride through flat farmlands*
5-mile run through shady, scenic and serene St. Peters parks

I couldn’t wait to get started with my training, so today I did 20 minutes on the track (just walking at this point, but that is going to be changing soon) and 2000 meters on the rower (in 9:08). One of the staff members at the Rec-Plex gave me a quick start guide to get my training in motion. This is going to be a bunch of work, but it’s going to be fun.

When I completed my last triathlon I was weighing in at about 220 lbs (in the picture above), but now I’m right at 275. I guess it’s time to start shedding the lbs once and for all. Here is a fairly current picture:

Before Pic of Cliff - front view

Recent – Before Pic

I will also be walking this afternoon with my daughter once she gets home from school, and I have tennis tonight in the Steel Shop Men’s 3.5/4.0 league. It’s a busy day, but an active day. I’m already feeling better!




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