The first day of real soreness

21 02 2013

I’ve had the on again off again workout routine down for a while now. I’m used to getting sore when starting a new workout program, but my goal is to make this the last “initial” soreness. Yesterday I had a couple of good workouts, including a win in my 3.5/4.0 tennis league last night.

My partner and I won 6-3,5-7,1-0 (10-8 in a 3rd set tie break). I love playing tennis, because it’s an amazing workout, and it allows me to feel like a kid again, because I never played this game as a child. I get butterflies before a big match, and I’m constantly learning new shots.

With that said, I want to keep my exercise program varied enough that I’m constantly learning, and really enjoying the process. In the past, I have scheduled races and didn’t think much about the process. I was always looking forward to the race day. This time I am going to enjoy the work up to my event. I would really like to use this triathlon as a stepping stone to other events, and by enjoying the process I can make sure that the race isn’t the end, but rather the first of many to come.

My legs are feeling pretty heavy right now, but it’s time to get them moving. I’m planning a VERY easy bike this morning, and probably a short walk to work out the kinks. More to come later…




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23 02 2013
tv tubes

haha nice, real nice

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