In the face… In the face!!!

23 02 2013

…so yesterday was my rest day, and other than shoveling the 2nd half of my driveway, I actually did rest.

Today started out with a few hours of pick up volleyball. There are some pretty decent athletes that show up on a weekly basis to play, and one of them decided to leave his mark on my face today. He is one of the local high school kids that plays for his varsity team, and he is a very solid hitter. I love getting in there and mixing it up, and when I get a block on him I tend to needle him a bit. It’s all in good fun, and the jawing goes back and forth. Today he was given a perfect set, and he split the blockers really well. I set up right in between the blockers for the dig, but he hit the ball right at my face instead. Being the agile beast that I am, I was barely able to turn my head to the side before the ball hit me squarely in the face. Good times, Good times! I would say I owe him one, but I like to mess with him quite a bit, so I probably just got what was coming to me. It’s all in good fun, and the only thing hurt was my pride.

Later today I need to get in a walk/run of about 20-30 minutes or so, and then tomorrow starts my next week of training. All in all, this week was very successful, training-wise. My diet is leaving plenty to be desired, and that is going to be my focus for the upcoming week. I’m not going to workout 5-6 hours per week plus only to sabotage myself at the kitchen table. I guess it’s time to download MyFitnessPal to my new phone.

I will also be adding some strength training to the mix this week, but only a day or 2 for probably 30-45 minutes. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself at this point. Here is my schedule for the week:

Sunday: Bike – 20 minutes (1 min hard, 2 min easy)
Monday: Weights (30-45 minutes total body)/ Swim – 20 minutes (1 min hard, 2 min easy)
Tuesday: Run – 30 minutes (1 min run, 3-4 min walk)
Wednesday: 20 minutes (1 min hard, 2 min easy)/ Swim – 20 minutes (1 min hard, 2 min easy)
Thursday: Run – 30 minutes (1 min run, 3-4 min walk)/ Weights (30-45 minutes total body)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Run – 45-60 minutes (mostly walking)

This is really just a guide for the first few weeks. If I’m really feeling it I may add to this, and if I’m not feeling it I will back off a bit. Over the course of the next few weeks I will be sticking to this much more closely, while adding some distance/time. I will also be playing tennis on Wednesday nights and Sundays as part of my USTA league, and playing volleyball on Saturday mornings for fun.

It seems like quite a bit of working out when I list it this way, but it’s really quite easy to get in. I can’t believe how much better I feel already just getting back into the swing of an actual schedule. Enjoy!




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