First Week of CrossFit Classes

2 05 2013

Here are the workouts from the first week of classes:

April 8th

  •  First WOD was brutal, but I made it through.
  • We had a 20 min cap on the WOD, and I finished in 19:55
  • WOD:
  • 3 RFT:  400m run, 10 push press (95 lbs), 10 knees to elbows, 20 wall ball shot

April 9th

  • 1:51 timed 500m row
    The warm up was 13 min’s of jump rope with 10 push ups each time you missed.
    I think I did around 70 push ups or so.
  • WOD:
  •  100 singles (jump rope), 20 pull ups (scaled on rings), 20 knees to elbows, 20 squat presses, 30 burpees
  • I forgot to take down my time, but I think it was 13:58.

April 10th

  •  My motivation wasn’t nearly as high going in, because I was tired and sore.  Once I got to the gym and started to warm up, I felt amazing.
  • We worked up to a 3 rep load, and I was able to get 275 for 3 reps.  (woohoo!)
  •  WOD:
  • AMRAP, 12 wallball shots (14#), 6 burpees
  • I finished 6 rounds and 12 reps.

April 11th

  • Warm Up:
  • 3-5 min Jump Rope Practice
  • Strength:
  • 3×3 Hanging Cleans
  • WOD: EMOM – 10 Minutes
  • 4 Hanging Cleans
  • 10 AMSU’s
  • Forgot to note progress on this WOD!
  • Finished with: 5 rounds
  • 10 Sandbag slams – 20lb
  • 6 Burpees

It was a really tough first week, but I felt great making it through all of the workouts!




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